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When you’re going through a divorce, one of the most challenging aspects of it is child custody and child support. A divorce is already emotionally and financially taxing, but when kids are involved, it can be especially difficult. This is why you should call an experienced child custody lawyer if you’re filing for divorce in Lacey, WA. When it comes to children and parental rights, things can get complicated fast. Sadly, custody battles can have a negative impact on those involved, including the children. As a parent, you know what’s best for your child, and defending your parental rights is important.

This is why you should contact a reputable law firm, because child custody cases can be challenging to navigate. You need someone who will take care of your case with thoughtfulness and professionalism. At Cordes Brandt PLLC, our child custody lawyers will offer the finest legal representation for you in Lacey, WA.

We provide expert legal advice and free child custody consultations for those who need it in Lacey, WA.

The Importance of an Experienced Child Support Lawyer

The child support lawyers from Cordes Brandt PLLC are here and ready to help you with your case. Our child custody lawyers are dedicated to helping you improve your situation while you’re dealing with custody. At Cordes Brandt PLLC, we work thoroughly towards an outcome that suits you best. We are the law firm to turn to if you’re in the Lacey, WA area.

The odds might seem like they’re against you when you’re dealing with child custody arrangements. Whether you’re looking to get full custody because that’s the best way to make your child feel secure or you want shared custody, having legal representation from an experienced child custody lawyer will make things easier for you.

Child custody will always be decided dependent on the happiness and needs of the child, and sometimes these decisions are very challenging for parents to make.

The child’s best interest is settled according to the ensuing points:

  • The child’s age, gender, mental and physical health
  • Physical and mental well-being of parents
  • Lifestyle and social influences
  • Love and emotional ties between parent and child
  • Parents’ capacity to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care
  • Condition of schools in location
  • Child’s inclination if over age 12
  • Capacity and inclination of parent to foster a good relationship between child and other parent
  • Environmental security

Types of custody arrangements

  • Legal custody: The right and obligation to make choices about child rearing. This involves education, religion, medical care and discipline. When awarded joint legal custody, parents share these rights.
  • Physical custody: The right of a parent to have a child living with them. Most courts order joint physical custody, though the time-split is often not the same as 50/50.
  • Sole custody: Sole custody settlements provide one parent with complete custody privileges and allow the other only visitation rights.
  • Joint custody: This custody allows parents to synchronize their schedules and share decision-making privileges.
  • Bird’s nest custody: This happens when the child remains in one home and parents alternate in and out of the home and take turns providing the child.
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    We completely understand that child custody and child support battles can get emotionally charged, so having a child custody lawyer from Cordes Brandt PLLC gives you someone with a sound, prevailing mind providing you with representation. Starting with your free consultation and all the way through the end of your case, you’ll get just that when you call the professionals from Cordes Brandt PLLC. We are here and dedicated to protecting your rights as a parent.

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