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Experienced Olympia Employment Lawyers Serving The South Puget Sound Region

The state of Washington provides unemployment benefits as a safety net for people who have lost their jobs. Subsidized by federal funding, the Washington state system stipulates that people who have been laid off or terminated due to a business decision are entitled to receive weekly benefits until they find other employment, generally for up to 52 weeks. If the employee was terminated for cause or left the job voluntarily, however, the employer has the right to challenge the claim, hoping to avoid paying unemployment insurance “taxes” that may be due, or avoid an increase in the following year’s costs paid into the system.

If you have been fired or laid off and been denied unemployment benefits, then you really need to speak with an attorney. The unemployment laws in our state provide several paths that lead to your unemployment checks, and we can help you follow those paths.

If you reside in the South Puget Sound region and have been denied Washington state unemployment benefits, talk to an attorney at Cordes Brandt, PLLC, in Olympia. We know the strategies employers often use to refute their liability for unemployment. In many cases, employees are let go when business turns bad, only to have their employer make unsubstantiated claims of frequent tardiness, poor quality of work or even pilferage.

You Have Civil Rights In The Employment Marketplace And We Can Help You Protect Them

From our offices in Olympia, our lawyers advise and represent workers who have been denied unemployment benefits or are facing workplace discrimination or wrongful discharge in Thurston County, Lewis County and Mason County, Washington. Contact us by email or call us at 360-489-6714 or toll free 866-529-3590 to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced Olympia employment law attorneys today.

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