Top Qualities of a Good Divorce Attorney

Divorce is tough. Most people count on this. What most people do not count on is the fact that divorce is a unique and intricate process. While the main issues of divorce may be the same for everyone, the circumstances surrounding them are singular and, as such, require singular approaches to resolution. For this reason, it is crucial that you find a divorce attorney in Washington who not only has the experience and resources to represent you, but who also has the capacity to meet the unique needs of your case. Finding such a lawyer may prove difficult, but you can streamline the search by knowing what qualities to look for in a good attorney.

Strong Communication Skills

A good divorce attorney maintains open and strong communication with his or her clients and the opposition. The best lawyer for your case should be able to communicate with you in a clear and honest manner. Likewise, you should feel comfortable communicating your goals and concerns without fear of being dismissed. Your lawyer should then be able to communicate your wishes with your spouse and his or her lawyer and facilitate respectful negotiations. If a lawyer appears unable to do all of the above, it may be best to continue your search.

Good Judgment and Objectivity

Yes, you want an unwavering advocate in your attorney. However, divorce is an emotional process that causes many involved parties to act irrationally. If you act on your emotions, you may make decisions that could prove detrimental to your case. An experienced divorce lawyer has the wherewithal to assess both sides of the situation, weigh the pros and cons of each, and then advise you of the best course of action. Sound judgment and objectivity equate to sound decision-making, which, ultimately, benefits you.

A Competitive Streak

The best divorce attorney in Washington can achieve a mix of objectivity and competitiveness. Yes, you want a lawyer who can make sound, rational decisions on your behalf. However, you do not want an attorney who acquiesces to the other party for the sake of avoiding conflict. Conflict is par for the course in divorce, and you need a lawyer who will defend your interests through the toughest of times.

Experience With Similar Cases

Divorce differs for everyone. Some divorcees may fight over their extensive wealth, while others may fight over their children. Some couples may own valuable art together, while others own businesses. It is crucial that you find a lawyer who has practice with the distinct elements of your case, as attorney experience can go a long way toward streamlining the process and ensuring a favorable outcome for you.

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