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Divorce can be a difficult ordeal. It can cause devastating and lasting impacts mentally, and it can be a costly process. Cordes Brandt PLLC understands how difficult the divorce experience can be and is ready to delicately and efficiently handle every element of your divorce in Olympia, WA. Our divorce attorneys will work as hard as you need to find the best outcome for you and your family. Because we are very familiar with divorce law in Washington, you can rest easy knowing that dedicated divorce lawyers are helping with your divorce.

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The office of Cordes Brandt PLLC is devoted to family law, including divorce, custody, post-divorce, child support, etc. Because we’ve seen and handled a variety of divorce cases, our experience lets us manage any case of any level of gravity.

The attorneys at Cordes Brandt PLLC have a broad knowledge in divorce proceedings, and we’ve noticed that the most frequent reasons for divorce are hostile differences, living apart for more than a year, or a mental issue that existed two years before the divorce. There are multiple qualifiers for divorce in Washington. If you’re looking for an experienced divorce attorney in Olympia, WA Cordes Brandt PLLC is here to help you, despite the reason.

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Divorce v. Annulment

A declaration of nullity (annulment) is a legal process that basically erases a marriage. Legally, an annulment asserts that a marriage never existed and is invalid. A divorce is the conclusion of a lawful marriage and returns both parties to single status. Depending on the state, divorces can be more of a process than annulments, principally when also connected with custody.
Justification for annulment in every state cover:

  • Bigamy
  • Forced consent
  • Fraud
  • Marriage prohibited by law
  • Mental or physical incapability
  • Inability to sexually validate marriage
  • Underage marriage

There are no-fault and fault divorces. A no-fault choice allows the dissolution of a legal marriage in which neither party takes blame for the separation. A fault divorce is established when one spouse can demonstrate suitable grounds. Washington is a no-fault divorce state.

Allocating Assets and Liabilities

Marital property comprises all the assets and financial responsibilities that were acquired during the marriage. It usually will not matter whether or not the asset or financial responsibility is under the name of one spouse or both.

Marital property includes:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real property
  • Business interests
  • Timeshares
  • Vehicles
  • Airline miles
  • Credit card debt

Prenuptial Agreements

Copy: A prenuptial agreement (prenup) is a standard legal step taken before getting married. It establishes the property and financial rights of both spouses in the occasion of a divorce. Prenups are used to protect assets, businesses, circumvent taking on the other party’s debt, clarify financial responsibilities, regulate how property will be passed upon death, and avoid long, costly divorce disagreements.

Property, Alimony, and Child Custody

Divorce has a lot of aspects, the most common being distribution of property, alimony, and children. Typically with property, authorities will try to divide property reasonably when parties can’t agree on how to share assets. Alimony depends on income, how much support one requires and other elements. Sadly, a typical part of divorce is figuring out child possession. Dual custody is a common outcome, but circumstances such as abuse and emotional connections can influence the result.

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