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We understand that divorce and child custody procedures can be overwhelming and time consuming. Our team of expert attorneys at Cordes Brandt PLLC has the resources and knowledge to handle your family law case. With over 70 years of experience, we have consistently provided personal attention and integrity-driven work to our clients. You don’t have to go through this life changing experience alone. We will take the time to understand what matters to you so we can make strategic decisions that will give you the most desirable outcome.

When divorce is seriously considered as the next course of action, you should consult with an attorney for legal advice. There is a lot at stake and getting the help of a family law attorney can make a drastic difference. An empathic family law attorney will listen to your concerns and make you a top priority. Get the quality legal service you deserve with Cordes Brandt PLLC.

What Does Family Law Encompass?

Legally separating from a spouse and determining a child’s residence are usually what come to mind when people hear the term family law. There are many different facets to family law including annulments, alimony, child support, and adoption. The process for divorce and these other procedures can vary depending on the state as well. It can get complicated trying to figure out all the components of a legal process, which is when having an attorney in your corner is so valuable.

Our attorneys will counsel you through the different stages of the case including gathering key facts and evidentiary documents. We will help bring forth influential information that will sway the results in your favor during mediation. When children are involved it is especially critical to create a schedule that will work best for their health and happiness. The goal is to arrange a reasonable agreement that will work with the new dynamic moving forward.

Let’s cover the main aspects of family law that are divorce and child custody:


Divorce is the act of legally dissolving a marriage, whereas an annulment is reversing a marriage that was deemed not legitimate. They can get complicated because there are many circumstances to take into account; one of those being that a divorce can be fault or no-fault in certain states. This means that one party is at fault because they were involved in adultery, abandonment or physical abuse, among other things. It’s not as widely recognized anymore; in fact, Washington has a no-fault marriage dissolution law that doesn’t require proof for misconduct. In the past, proof would be requested and it would influence the division of property.

Assets and liabilities that were acquired throughout the marriage are divided and assigned to either party as equitably as possible. Property or cash may be included as assets and liabilities are the debts owed. Other forms of equity that are considered in the process are real estate, vehicles, and retirement savings. An experienced family law lawyer can get you the most favorable results in these types of situations.

Something else that could determine how assets or liabilities are split up, are the terms of a prenuptial agreement. This is a legal document that was agreed to before the marriage was established. In a divorce or death, the prenuptial document takes care of assigning financial responsibilities and property allocation to either party. Because these are legal agreements, the court will abide by them, but there have been certain cases where a prenup was overturned by a judge.

Finally, a court may decide to grant a spousal allowance, known as alimony. This protects one of the parties from experiencing poverty while they transition out of the marriage. The receiving party is provided this income because they are presumed to be financially disadvantaged after the divorce. This measure is taken to avoid extreme poverty either because their individual wage will no longer sustain their lifestyle, or they have been unemployed for some time.

Child Custody

In a child custody dispute, both parties arrange visitation rights as well as where their child will reside. The child’s best interest is what ultimately decides which parent will have legal guardianship. If the child is over 12 years old, they can choose which parent they’d like to live with. Parents may also compromise on a visitation schedule on their own that will help them maintain a relationship with their child.

Otherwise, the court will look at a variety of factors when deciding custody. It’s important to make sure the parent will be physically and financially competent to care for the child. Their home is expected to be stable and the school conditions should be safe as well. The parent’s lifestyle is considered because the court wants to make sure the child will have positive social influences.

Once legal guardianship is established, custody arrangements are scheduled, which can look very different depending how the parents want to split their time. Sometimes a parent with sole custody only wants to allow the other parent visitation rights. In other cases, the child lives in either parent’s home but the time given to each may not be evenly split. These are called parenting time schedules, which can be drafted with the assistance of an attorney or a mediator.

Aside from guardianship and visitation, there may also be times when a court will allot a set amount of child support to one parent. This amount is calculated by evaluating debt-to-income burden, legal custody, and parenting time schedules. It also comes down to whether or not the child will need additional support to enroll them in education, medical, or recreational activities. If it becomes difficult to meet this financial obligation, then modification petitions can be made.

Why Choose Cordes Brandt PLLC?

Cordes Brandt PLLC is a robust law firm with a team of attorneys who have decades of legal expertise in family law matters. We work hard to establish a relationship with our clients that are built on a foundation of trust. Divorce comes with many challenges and we want to handle your sensitive information with care. Taking this approach over the years has earned us a reputation of honesty and integrity in our community.

Because we believe in maintaining truthfulness, we keep our fees competitive and strive to do our best work at a fair price. Our office is located in Olympia, WA and has dedicated service to residents in nearby areas like Thurston, Lewis, and Mason County. Anyone in the South Puget Sound area seeking qualified legal advice should set a consultation with our attorneys. We will be sure to lead you in the right direction.

The many years of experience we draw from benefits our clients as we guide them through the process. We have honed the delicate yet tenacious way we handle our cases, and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied. Contact a family law attorney you can trust to protect your rights and get you the most favorable outcome. Hire the professional attorneys at Cordes Brandt PLLC.

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